Don’t say War 2.0 on streaming

I first wrote this piece after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2021. In my work for Free Press Unlimited I saw the bravery, the steadfastness and importance of journalists at the front line. Facing and documenting the horrible realities of war, the destruction of homes and innocent people getting hurt and killed, all the while Putin was forbidding the use of the word. I performed it, and released it as a video made by Jan-Willem Bult.

But unfortunately the content of this piece is still painfully accurate nearly 2 years later. Not only for Ukraine, where they are still fighting to defend their home, but also the horrific crimes against humanity that are committed in Palestine, and other places in the world that are not receiving much attention like Sudan and Congo.

That’s why I wanted to record it, with a few adjustments, and release it on streaming. Produced by my friend and collaborator Ocabo Music. It would mean a lot to me if you give it a listen.

Today the cease fire in Palestine ended, and the bombing continues. We need documentation to hold perpetrators of human rights to account, and we need solidarity for all people, not just for people who look like us. So let’s say peace, loudly and together. We know better.


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