New release: ‘ARMOR’ out now

ARMOR is out now. I wrote most of it while traveling through the US, where the student protests started, holding their universities accountable and standing up for a free Palestine. While I was away, students from the university of Amsterdam, and soon other universities in the Netherlands, followed. I felt conflicted being so far away while this was happening in my country and I couldn’t be present. But what I could do was write about it. So I did.

ARMOR is for those speaking up, even if their voice quivers and their body shivers. Stay resilient, be bold, and please, don’t do as you’re told. Free Palestine. Disclose. Divest.

It would mean a lot if you’d give it a listen. And if you want to support, here are some organizations to donate to and support:
Plant een Olijfboom
Student Encampments the Netherlands: follow on Instagram.
You can also donate to their Gofundme here.

ARMOR was recorded in Brooklyn at Studio 404
Produced by Studio 404/Aaron Michael Vinik and Ocabo Music
Mastered by Statinski Mastering

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